Shithead and dickhead
Game of thrones catchup.

Just went on chatroulette for the first time and you’ll be happy to know i only saw 3 dicks in the 30 seconds i was on it. :)

I’ve been thinking i need to go on a mini adventure soon. Maybe jump across the pond and go to London for a weekend. Maybe i’ll stay with my cousin in canary wharf. I dunno really, all i know is i want to go to a strange place get rip roaring drunk, meet loads of new people and get into some mischief. :)


so weird and cool!

“The only thing you could compare it to is like a Macy’s Day Parade or something like that. But those are all inflatables. This thing is a massive machine, and an art piece in and of itself.”
As the hordes of festival-goers descend on the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, they’ve got a friend from outer space there to greet them. Read more>

Am bloo

midnight collages.
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